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Ronovan writes #Decima prompt #100 #Tales of the plains

On the plains of Serengeti

amazing stories may be found

where tales of life and death abound

most of which are seldom pretty

but for sure they’re always sweaty

as in the midday heat we find

predators and their prey entwined

but nothing doth instil fear more

than the sound of the lion’s roar

as it approaches from behind


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Ronovan writes weekly #Decima prompt #97 #Doctors orders

Finally I am laid to rest

all my worldly cares forgotten

no more will I feel so rotten

as when the pain within my chest

convinced me that it may be best

if I booked in the surgery

my local doctor for to see

and told that I would have to wait

for they were not open till eight

by then it was too late for me.


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Ronovan writes Decima poetry prompt #94 #Commitment

Julian sat in her stone cell

from behind a window of glass

she could watch as they performed mass

while confined in this living hell,

tickets to see her, priests would sell,

in the mid fourteenth century

an anchoress she chose to be

while all through those long lonely years

she recorded her thoughts and fears

so that all, her passion might see.

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Ronovan writes Decima prompt #93 #Memories

Whilst stationed in the Hindu Kush

something that I can still recall

was every day before nightfall

over the mountains would come a hush

just the song of a single thrush

his liquid song like crystal clear

and all would pause the notes to hear

while every day his song we heard

we never saw the tuneful bird

something we all found rather queer

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Ronovan writes #Decima prompt #90 The beauty of nature

Out in the woods I saw today

guaranteed to lighten my heart

was a sight of natural art

for on the grass I spied a jay

although quite common so they say

as on the grass he alighted

true to say I was delighted

silver blue wingtips shining bright

and chessboard flanks of black and white

with fawn and purple neck and breast

his long beak probing on it’s quest

truly a magnificent sight


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Ronovan writes #Decima prompt challenge #81

I once knew a sailor called Jack

loved it when the ship’s sails unfurled

and off he’d sail around the world

never knowing when he would be back

trusting the Captain to plot the track

constantly hoping for a breeze

to carry them across the seas

seeing foreign harbour lights

with all their promise of delights

to cater for the sailors needs.

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Ronovan writes #Decima poetry prompt #78

You must forgive my misty eyes,

memories often make me weep

and even though I try to sweep

them off, they make me realise

I should forget them, as if lies,

but this I find so hard to do

replacing them with something new,

a task for which I may need help,

leave gloomy thoughts upon the shelf

but then see the futility

for they keep flooding back to me

from deep within my inner self.

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Ronovan writes #Decima prompt #77 Night sky wonders

I looked up to the skies last night

and marvelled at the starry scene

but knowing much was left unseen

for if the moon is shining bright

small things are hidden from our sight

when in the moon’s reflected glow

they do seem reluctant to show

being so naturally shy

they easily avoid our eye

standing in wonder far below

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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #227 Memories

In the sunset glow, both world and waters calm

we strolled along the seafront arm in arm

to right and left lounged rusting hulls

overhead drifted screaming gulls

and before us in uncanny silence

from the sands arose two twisted pylons

where one night a raging conflagration

had produced this scene of devastation

not just some ramshackle dwelling

but home to a story that merits telling

where once had been music and lights

Mods and Rockers clashed in vicious fights

a fun palace that gave so many families cheer

the splendour that used to be Southgate pier.


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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #225

In many houses throughout this land

whether they may be poor or grand

is practised with each new day a ritual

that would now be seen as habitual

as while you are sitting quite alone

you could just as easily grab the phone

yet over breakfast in the morning

or often as the day is dawning

sometimes even while still in bed

the daily newspaper will be read

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