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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #136 #Hope springs eternal

Lying prostrate upon the grass

up above looms a soft-edged mass

brings with it a threat of showers

staring down her grey face glowers

then all at once to my surprise

appears a bright mistimed sunrise

bringing anew a hope it may

drive all the sombre clouds away

and if I’m lucky it just might

change their colour from grey to white.

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Ronovan writes #362

The weighted drag net

makes the seabed desert dust

Ocean’s Silent Spring

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #133 “Mummy knows what’s best.”

Mummy duck and baby duck

were going for a walk

suddenly from up above

they heard a loud squawk

quickly dear, said mummy duck

come in and get close to me

for if that big bird sees you

he will take you home for tea

but the silly little duckling

didn’t do what his mummy said

so the greedy seagull in the sky

swooped down and carried him off instead

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Ronovan writes Decima prompt #56 Symphony of life

I’m sure you don’t have to be told

the pleasure gained from listening

enraptured as the songbird sings

though whether it be wet or cold

his notes will shine like liquid gold

from his high perch up in the trees

his joyful tunes ride on the breeze

we can be sure he does not need

a written score from which to read

his repertoire is sure to please.

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Ronovan writes Haiku challenge #357

A natural high

that’s guaranteed to refresh

a breath of fresh air

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6 Ways to Celebrate Arbor Day

This public health crisis has taught us to be more agile and creative in finding ways to celebrate trees and connect with nature. After all, there …

6 Ways to Celebrate Arbor Day

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Ronovan writes Decima challenge #55

Not far ahead there stood the hind

so he sank slowly to the ground

in order not to make a sound

his target had been hard to find

but the fates that day had been kind

raising his glasses to his eyes

he saw she had her fawn beside

and if they left the undergrowth

then he could surely shoot them both

because a camera never lies.

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Ronovan writes #Haiku challenge #351

Watch new life erupt

from the comfort of slumber

Spring awakening


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Ronovan writes Haiku challenge #349

On crisp morning air

calm rhythmic breaths form soft clouds

birth of Winter mists.

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #122 #Feeding frenzy forgotten

Dan the drake and Debbie duck

truly felt that at last their luck

had changed when to their delight

there was not another duck in sight

for to swim alone was such a treat

as there would be enough to eat

no jostling shoving that they must

endure in order to secure a crust

now when bread is cast upon the lakes

a leisurely paddle is all it takes.


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