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Simply put but oh. so true.

Present Tense in Europe

When one feels good or when misunderstood
The heart cries more than the eyes ever could!

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Thursday photo prompt: Rooted #writephoto #Tanka


Clad in matching tones

lovers fixed in cold embrace

their limbs entwined.

Shy beneath their parasol

whispering with the wind.

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Another sombre Sunday story to remind us of human ignorance and arrogance.

Welcome to Tofino Photography


Last Friday I was on my way out to camp for a few days when a friend told me about a bear I’ve known for years. “Big Red” is the largest male bear out there. Nobody messed with “Big Red”!

I looked back into my archives to see how long I’ve known him? About 8 years as it turns out. I called him “Big Red” because of his rear end being reddish in colour. When bears get mange their hair falls out and when the new hair grows back in for some reason its a reddish colour.

“Big Red” was unusual,he would stop and stare at you like a human It was unnerving to be honest! I first met him years ago up in Fortune Channel. Most of the bears are there because of the crabs. After a year of being there he decided to move to quieter regions. It…

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IWH Haiku/Senryu Challenge #18

forest girl.png

Photo Credit:

life, ephemeral,

from the corner of my eye

the spectre sighted,

she drifts, part of the forest

and yet leave men’s minds doubting


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Look, all that I’m saying is that the Maori have the Haka, the Polynesians the Hula, and England, well, we have Morris Dance.

A fine, illuminating anecdote incorporating three of my interests, enjoy

The Diesel-Electric Elephant Company.

Yesterday was an “Open Day” at Venetian Marina (Middlewich Branch, Shropshire Union, Cheshire), and there were many fine experiences to be had.

I had a pootle on and a steer of Venetian Hire Boat’s new baby “Day” and “Weekender” boat, Barcarolle. More of that in a post soon. Most splendid, most splendid indeed.

Narrowboat Glass were there (they are based in the marina, so it would be peculiar were they had they not been there). More of that in a post soon, too.


The bunting was out, the weather played nicely – a surprise in itself, after the previous day’s wind and rain and coolth. The Doggie boat was there, the Rag boat was there, the Pirate boat was there. There were wood-carvers, jewellery-makers, canvas cover repairers, River & Canal Rescue, local radio and all sorts of weirdos, myself included.

The day was punctuated by live performances of various sorts.


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Results of Morgen’s 100-word competition: March 2019

via Results of Morgen’s 100-word competition: March 2019

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April 22, 2019 · 3:16 pm

Little Blackbird

How many would notice if they didn’t hear the blackbird sing in the morning, all of us, this captures it magnificently.

Poet's Corner


The little blackbird is dead
No longer will I wake to the
cheerful song she sang
each morning from
the old oak tree outside
my bedroom window

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Reasons To Go Out To Write

Great advice for those, like me, who are easily distracted

Uninspired Writers

Most writers experience procrastination. It’s so easy to get caught up in all the other things you need/want to do, which leads to putting writing to the side. However, I’ve found that a great way to stop that from happening is to go out and write instead. Here’s why;

No home distractions
Yesterday I tidied and cleaned my home, caught up on some television I’d been wanting to watch, did the laundry…and of course these things are important. But the point is, when you’re at home, you’ll always see the housework that needs doing or the TV you could be watching. Being out, in any good place to write, takes away these other options.
novel writingIt feels like a treat
Taking yourself to a cosy coffee shop and enjoying a hot drink and a slice of cake is a treat. If you look at it like that it becomes a…

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Quarterly Short Story Competition from Cranked Anvil

For the short story-writing aficionado, not to be missed.


We are delighted to announce our quarterly short story competition.

The competition is open to any theme or genre, but your story must be a maximum of 1,500 words(not including the title). Closing dates are:

30th April
31st July
31st October
31st January

You can enter up to three stories in each quarterly competition.
Entry fees:
£5 for the first | plus £3 for the second | plus £2 for the third

1st – £150
2nd – £75
3rd – £30

The three placed stories from each quarter will be published on this website. Future anthologies will also be considered, published by Cranked Anvil Press, in which shortlisted stories from each competition will be published.

Full details of the competition, how to enter, and competition rules, can be found on our website.

Good luck!

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Popular 1980s Fantasy Novels

I can think of no better collection to seek out, sit back, and enjoy the journey.

Thoughts on Fantasy

After the boom of the 60s and 70s the fantasy genre continued to enjoy mainstream popularity, with many 80s authors branching into new sub-genres and styles.  Fantasy tropes were so established that works of comic fantasy, which poked fun at them and were humorous in tone, became increasingly popular. Urban fantasy as we now know it also had its early roots in this decade.

Below I’ve listed what I believe to be the 12 most popular or influential fantasy novels published between 1980 and 1990. I’ve tried to use the original cover from that year where possible. Series titles are included in brackets:

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March 19, 2019 · 3:54 pm