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The World’s Most Beautiful Bookstores

Places for book lovers to visit before they die, keep plenty of room in your luggage


While the e-bookis slowly becoming the preferred medium when it comes to reading, some people still enjoy browsing for books in stores. Maybe because it’s nostalgic, maybe it’s because you never know what you might find. A room filled with books has a certain undeniable charm.

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February 23, 2019 · 12:18 pm

Mortuary mine

Gaze upon the beauty to be found in these 50 shades of grave.

Thru Violet's Lentz

Left perched upon a parapet, this mortuary mine.

I weep Poseidon’s saline tears, ‘neath a somber scudding sky.

As moisture inundated clouds, exhale Sedna’s plankton perfumed breath.

And agitated arctic gales, pass o’re her frozen lips.

Left anchored in abandon, aloft this landlocked marginof death.

Inflicted fallen fortress turned, skeletal black crows nest.


Posted for Girlie on the Edge’s Blog Six Sentence Story, cue word Perch.

Following Clark’s lead from a couple of weeks back and taking a poetic turn on the prompt, I made what I consider much better use of a line idea I first used in another poem I called Despised Conundrum.

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Colleen’s 2019 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 124 #SynonymsOnly – Game & Trouble #Tanka

p-challenge-header (1)

Around the table

the Olympians gathered,

Zeus took up the dice,

to them ‘‘t’was just  a pastime,

for Troy it could mean peril.



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The A3 Press is Open for Business

Great news


a3 press logoThe A3 Press has just launched it’s first two chapbook titles, and three more will be released by the end of March 2019. Created by the folks who publish The A3 Review, The A3 Press will publish 10-12 chapbooks every year.

We are open for submissions, and are looking for prose, poetry and artwork that tackles what it’s like to be alive at this point in history. We celebrate urgent work that might struggle to find a traditional home, work that’s lyrical and intense, a bit weird, hybrid and experimental. We also welcome work that’s traditionally beautiful. Please visit our Submittable page for full details. Deadline for chapbook submissions is 31 May 2019.

You can see our first chapbook titles here.

The A3 Review continues to run it’s monthly contests and to publish two issues every year. To be in the running to qualify for our next issue…

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Denizens of the shore #tanka

Air smelling of stars

a breeze playfully whispers

to beckoning crabs,

scuttling over crystal sands

to drink from a cyan sea


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Thursday photo prompt: Fragrant #writephoto


“Well, Nicholas, what do you think of my garden then, is it not a place of much beauty and serenity?”

“I agree my Lord, it is a delight to all the senses but I feel it may be lacking in one small degree.”

“Really, ” the old gentleman stopped and turning to his young companion, with a smile asked, “and how do you think it may be improved, I have had the advice of the best gardeners this county could provide.”

”Well if I might presume Sir, there are a few plants I could suggest that would be of great financial value and also benefit the populace.”

”In that case young Culpeper, might I propose you prepare a list of such and we shall endeavour to find a place for them.”

The rest as they say is history, as this is a true record of a conversation which lead to the compilation of the most famous herbal encyclopaedia ever written.





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January 24: Flash Fiction Challenge #Shards


Corporal  Reg Burns jumped down from the back of the Land Rover.  Quickly scanning the horizon he ordered the rest of the platoon to join him. Nine uniformed men  with metal detectors spread out across the narrow strip of bare earth. Their target was mines. Very soon the detectors began to bleep wildly. Cautiously pits were dug, only to find numerous flattened, tarnished metal button-like objects. All mixed in with seemingly crushed, off-white clay shards. Some looked familiar, like bones, even the remains of skulls. Shocked, the men realised they had found the evidence of a possible mass grave.



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Books Are For Everyone | Save Our Libraries

Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of the party or put another way, “Do it!”

Melissa Holden, Writer

Here in the UK, there has been a lot of talk of libraries closing all over the country. The party line is because they aren’t used much anymore, but I call bullshit on that one.

When I was little, my favourite part of the week was Saturday morning. Every Saturday, my mother would walk me down to the town library and let me pick as many books as I could carry. I was not unlike to Roald Dahl’s Matilda. I couldn’t get enough of what those wonderful words had to teach me.


As a writer, I am clearly biased when it comes to books. I have spent my life in awe of, crying at, laughing with, and sometimes even screaming at the pages of, books. Books are not just pieces of paper covered in the ink symbols we call the written word, but they are the door to limitless possibilities. 

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Fictive Dream Call for Submissions

A great way to gain a wider audience


Fictive Dream is open to submissions and, as always, we’re interested in short stories with a contemporary feel (500 – 2,500 words). We especially like stories that give an insight into the human condition; stories that focus on those moments that change people’s lives. They may be on any subject. They may be challenging, dramatic, playful, exhilarating or cryptic. Above all, they must be well-crafted and compelling.

Check out the Fictive Dream website here.

Look at our submission guidelines here.

We’re looking forward to receiving your best work!

Laura Black

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Be vigilant, scammers are on the prowl

We are all susceptible, take care and don’t drop your guard

Jean's Writing

And with this new year comes more vermin searching for an opening, no matter how small.

I’m referring to scammers, hackers and trolls.

The more gadgets we have, the more avenues and opportunities for a criminal to find you. Don’t fall for these frauds. From our email, smartphones, yes iPhones too, computers, tablets, blogs, websites, Amazon Echo, Google Home, or even smart TVs, we are all susceptible to these damn crooks. AND, of course, we are vulnerable on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and any of the many social media sites. Scammers are trolling for any insecurity or vulnerability in your life, online and real.

Once upon a time, long long ago, Apple products were immune. Or so we thought. But that is not the case, not now. So don’t let your guard down just because you have an Apple product. Scammers are everywhere phishing for your information.

No need to…

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