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Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt #Writephoto #Ritual


Long Meg  stood alone,

where had all the dancers gone,

no posy to hold,

just one solitary tear

rolled slowly down her cold cheek


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MLMM’s menagerie #Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, February 20th 2019, hurricane


Wind-blown white mustangs

madly dash dark foam-flecked flanks.

Sodden spars stand strong.


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Ten word photo prompt #Release

19ECDCAB-5319-4CCB-BBFE-40BF49F9A289Pandora watched as the glowing orbs  rose from the jar


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Sue Vincent’s #Thursdayphotoprompt #Writephoto


Near the top they stopped. The sun was dropping rapidly in the Western sky. As if lost in their own thoughts there was no need for words. Each knew that the other was thinking of the days to come. It was deserted now but tomorrow this sacred place would be crowded with people; men, women, children, friends, relatives, all gathered for the last farewell. Nyruda had passed, her body was laid on the bier ready for the ceremonial transition.

At sunrise a procession would wend it’s way from the village to this rock, “The seat of the winds,” with their light load borne on the shoulders of six men, while the monks, women and children followed. There would be chanting, age-old mantras sung in a low drone, while the incense-burners twirled and their fragrance drifted over the plain at the whim of the breeze. It was not a lament but a celebration of one stage of her old life completed in preparation for the new.

A breeze was starting, exposing its presence with a twitch of Gana’s sleeve. In the distance he heard the lone cry of the lammergeier. He smiled, recognising the significance of the call, as if in reassurance that the wild eagles knew they were soon to be summoned and would be ready to help in the sacred task.

Tomorrow there would be many, wheeling and turning, carried high on the updrafts as they circled in readiness for their feast. The flesh would be stripped from the body leaving the white bones exposed. They would not be left long. The more experienced avian attendants would climb high in the sky their bills stuffed and ungainly with stiff, long, bristled moustaches.  Like sharp but muffled drumbeats the sound of bones dropping on to the stones below would reassure the departing flock that the ceremony was being fulfilled. It would not be many days before the larger bones could be discreetly removed in accordance with their traditions ready for the final stage. Life would go on.


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Crimson’s creative challenge #14


As we both looked up

we knew what each was  thinking,

the end of the line


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RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #240 Do&Say


Before the altar,

the couple will say, “I do.”

a vow before God


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This week’s entry for Sue Vincent’s #Thursdayphotoprompt #Writephoto


A time of despair

lay cold breath upon the land.

While Lord King Arthur

retired within his chamber,

sat alone, in cuckold’s grief.

No consolation

could he gain, from grieving wife,

or courtly knights,

till from the high battlements

joyful cries when far below

in supplication,

knelt his once favourite knight

who, though hermit now

pledged his service and his sword

to the man whom  once he wronged.

Thus was pestilence once more,

purged from proud, fair Albion.




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