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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #225 #Church gate

The lingering autumn leaves

lying heavy all around

their once so vibrant colours

now dried to dusky brown

while newly bright white snowdrops

push up through the verdant ground

if you visit in the early morning

there are mushrooms to be found

this must surely be the entrance

to Our Lord’s Holy ground


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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #188

I took a drive out on Sunday last

passing places I used to know so well

then stopped and stared my mind aghast

remembered things I still could not tell

even though many years have passed

since I last went through those gates to hell

but now with chains and padlocks sealed

the stark gates looking forlorn and sad

and though they say that time will heal

I looked and actually felt quite glad

the message here could not be clearer

surely this is the end of a great era.

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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #259 #The few

They consider it just another flight

while sirens wail, spotlights pierce the sky,

the aircrew know they will do or die.

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SoCs March 26

With his navy blue jersey and black tar-hardened breeches his be-whiskered, weather-creased features formed a half smile as he sat upon the black and white iron bollard. Reaching down with his left hand he lazily stroked the rope sitting loosely on the jetty. He remembered the days when he too had worked with ropes and spars, thick hawsers and thin guy ropes, all had passed through his bent, gnarled, rough-skinned fingers. He could tell where every piece of Manila, hemp or coir had once been grown ready for harvesting and making up into the ropes that secured ships and boats throughout the world. All of them natural, lovingly twisted into multi-usable things. Now the ropes were all man-made, manufactured from plastic, never rotting, floating for ever when discarded, trapping birds, damaging all sea life, more debris in the corruption of the seas.


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Ronovan writes #Decima prompt #91 #Devotions,

At six o’clock the vespers bell,

in gloomy silence through the aisle

eight black clad figures slowly file

I waking now, might fear in hell

but memory my chest would swell

as fulfilling spiritual need

I turn the page from which I read

the chosen passage of the day

while with heads bowed my brothers pray

as we avow our daily creed

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Ronovan writes #Haiku challenge #388

Sea and sky entwined

like lovers, viewed from afar

our one blue planet

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #159 #Echoes of the past

As I walk along the sunken path

bordered both by fence and trees

my mind to calmer days is cast

when on most days there would be seen

men on horseback but more on foot

herding ponies, poultry, pigs or sheep

for this was once the road they took

down the valleys, over mountains steep

with dog and shout they drive them on

until at last their journey’s done.

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The Story of the Royal British Legion

Founded in 1921, the Royal British Legion has been supporting the Armed Forces ever since.

The Story of the Royal British Legion

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #154

Bowing my head I raise my eyes

in homage to the unknown men

and women who with just a pen

possessed the vision to design

these buildings reaching to the skies

where men may worship God on high

then secretly they gave their plans

to other experts in their field

for whom the blocks of stone did yield

when summoned from throughout the land

hammer and chisel in their hands.


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Ronovan writes #Decima poetry prompt #78

You must forgive my misty eyes,

memories often make me weep

and even though I try to sweep

them off, they make me realise

I should forget them, as if lies,

but this I find so hard to do

replacing them with something new,

a task for which I may need help,

leave gloomy thoughts upon the shelf

but then see the futility

for they keep flooding back to me

from deep within my inner self.

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