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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt

The contestants in Paris to Dakar races

plan their routes on a most sensible basis

that if they are not able to carry any water

when planning their route they oughta

make certain that they can stop at an oasis.


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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #142 “Prevailing wind.”

Whenever into the country we go

the direction to take I always know

the answer is always plain to see

I always look for an old bent tree

but how does that help you may well ask

well the South west wind blows up a bent tree’s trunk, (sorry but nothing rhymed)


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Ronovan writes weekly #Haiku prompt #368

Miniature koi swim

showing off their gold armour

echoing Autumn

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Ronovan writes #Decima poetry challenge #67 “Cat and mouse.”

Fishermen’s cottages fringe the bay

as the cool evening mist comes down

the lamplighter begins his round

his measured footstep seems to say

the ending of another day

in the cramped parlours fires burn low

shadows form in their fading glow

whiskers twitching mice start to creep

wary of the ginger tom’s leap

knowing that fresh warm blood may flow

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #141 “A poor boy whose story’s often told”

Here’s the story of Nathaniel Quinn

he never did learn how to swim

one day at the lakeside he fell in

and though everyone was looking for him

they never did find poor Nathaniel Quinn


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Ronovan writes #Haiku prompt #367

To send the crowd wild

the band must strike the right note

both in harmony

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Ronovan writes #Decima prompt #66 #Writers block.”

Two black pens are lined up neatly

as if they haven’t got the time

to start their day and fill the lines

with words that used to flow sweetly

inspiration lost completely

under the desk an empty seat

outside light rain has cleared the street

by now it is too late it seems

to cast aside this dismal scene

and see words appear on blank sheets

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Crimsons Creative Challenge #140

Yesterday I went for a walk to see

what we had always known as the old dead tree

but you can imagine my surprise

at the beautiful sight that met my eyes

I stood and rubbed my eyes in disbelief

every old, twisted limb was coming into leaf

then I remembered what my mother once said

that nothing in nature is completely dead

and when old trees finally fall to the ground

their end of life will benefit all around

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Ronovan writes #Haiku weekly challenge #366

Using homespun threads

an intricate web she will weave

before each day breaks

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #139 #Shy boy “A love sonnet” ish

The path ahead was straight and true

on which I and my true love trod

I said my heart is just for you

she called me a romantic sod

but I could see she was impressed

no-one had told her that before

the trouble was she wasn’t dressed

for lying on the forest floor

so I held her close by a tree

and slid both my arms around her

she was excited I could see

nervous I started to flounder

before I’d only ever thought of sex

and didn’t know what I should do next


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