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Ronovan writes #Haiku challenge #353

Never alighting

the swift will forego the branch

dashing in Spring air


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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #126

My lady’s name was primrose

she had such a beautiful snub nose

from where I would start kissing

making sure no part was missing

to the tips of her pretty pink toes

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Ronovan writes Decima prompt #52 Darkness before morning

The announcement that we all expected

came cutting through the usual noise

of children occupied with toys,

from household chores thoughts deflected,

eyes and ears to screens directed,

sombre is the next announcement

as they hear the dark pronouncement

today life has come to an end

for well loved husband, father, friend

reflecting on a life well spent

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Ronovan writes #Haiku challenge #52

a sneeze is a sign

that the fleas have done their work

blue is the sickness


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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #203

Whilst in San Remo on holiday

I visited the graveyard one day

to find old Edward Lear‘s grave

and in these words my respects gave

I’m sorry sir but have you heard

everything you wrote was quite absurd

curious poems and stories tall

enjoyed by children and by all

you can be sure we will not forget

your wonderful nonsense alphabet

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Ronovan writes #Decima challenge #51 #Fear for the future

Though science can explain the cause

there seems to be a nagging doubt,

a sense that we are now without

a guiding hand to Nature’s laws

that hidden factor, so we pause

and inwardly we contemplate

our lives, our place, even our fate

yet all the while as life goes on

although we know there’s something wrong

still argue and prevaricate.

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #125

To escape from anyone hearing

we chose a space within a clearing,

because we only had one chair

I sat on the tree stump that was there

then produced from my back pocket

enclosed within a golden locket

a multi-faceted sapphire blue

a token of my love for you

then you said that’s sweet but honey

I’d rather you just gave me the money.

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