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6 Ways to Celebrate Arbor Day

This public health crisis has taught us to be more agile and creative in finding ways to celebrate trees and connect with nature. After all, there …

6 Ways to Celebrate Arbor Day

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #129

On the ground there lies a tree

if you look closely you can see

a face that looks rather sad to me

so it seems that now I can only

hope the wood’s spirit now roams free

to find a new home and be happy.

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Ronovan writes Decima challenge #55

Not far ahead there stood the hind

so he sank slowly to the ground

in order not to make a sound

his target had been hard to find

but the fates that day had been kind

raising his glasses to his eyes

he saw she had her fawn beside

and if they left the undergrowth

then he could surely shoot them both

because a camera never lies.

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Ronovan writes #Haiku challenge #355

Moist eyes appear sad

after the thrill of the chase

predator and prey

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Ronovan writes Decima prompt #54

The sun rises in the morning,

banishing the grey mists of dawn

the rising sun greets the new morn,

in defiance of science scorning

crimson tinges and their warning

as Helios once again tries

to cast Selene from the skies

before inviting Mother Earth

to celebrate the new day’s birth

heralded by the new sunrise

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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt

Cruising white-tipped waves on a restless sea

of uncharted depths cloaked in mystery

remains the ideal life for me


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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #128 The Old Forest mystery

I was walking down the old farm track

when all the memories came flooding back

of the questions that we used to ask

like who would set themselves the task

of carving in stone a set of stairs

that seemed to us to lead nowhere

for at the top we looked all around

no signs of a building were ever found

and when we told our parents where

we’d been they’d say oh don’t go there

but they would never tell us why

and I’ll always wonder till I too die.


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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #205

On the cross-dressers trip to Navarre

agreeing to meet in the hotel bar

the singer had a nice ass

but a voice like rough crushed glass

who turned out to be a tranny

which to them seemed quite uncanny

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #127

He turned to the boy and said, my lad

For a first effort it’s not too bad

But we’re making a statue for all to see

So perhaps you’d better leave it to me

Don’t worry lad for we’ll both be there

When it goes up in Trafalgar square.


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Ronovan writes #Haiku challenge #353

Never alighting

the swift will forego the branch

dashing in Spring air


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