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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #172 #Songster of the night

Upon the branch there sits a bird

of night, his voice so seldom heard

although it’s often said you may

hear his elusive call by day

but if this bird then does give tongue

it is the same song as the sun.


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Ronovan writes Decima poetry prompt #94 #Commitment

Julian sat in her stone cell

from behind a window of glass

she could watch as they performed mass

while confined in this living hell,

tickets to see her, priests would sell,

in the mid fourteenth century

an anchoress she chose to be

while all through those long lonely years

she recorded her thoughts and fears

so that all, her passion might see.

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Ronovan writes #Decima prompt challenge #82 The treasure seekers

As they started poking around

they found a bone covered in slime

that had been there for a long time

so decided they should dig down

and see what else was in the ground

the story goes or so I’m told

it seems it started to grow cold

this they found to be quite eerie

by now they were getting weary

and all were lost as was the gold

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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #231 #Miracle

There was a man possessed by a demon

he said his name was Legion

for we are many he whined

before being cast into the swine

and driven out of the region

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Ronovan writes Decima prompt #54

The sun rises in the morning,

banishing the grey mists of dawn

the rising sun greets the new morn,

in defiance of science scorning

crimson tinges and their warning

as Helios once again tries

to cast Selene from the skies

before inviting Mother Earth

to celebrate the new day’s birth

heralded by the new sunrise

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #118 The ancient pathway

You may think this a tranquil scene

but do take care as things unseen

may lurk behind each bush or tree

looking out for the unwary

or lone traveller on the path

who might feel the fairies’ wrath

if their charges they don’t pay

that they may safely pass their way.

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Weekly short

pale as the sunrise

through the mists of Avalon

Arthur’s memory

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TJ’s household haiku challenge #15

Meg had just one dream

to dance around the nine stones

and now there are ten


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