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Celtic knot #Tanka

In spiral circles

no leader, no followers

all remain equal,

tracing each line with  finger

connection of the senses





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First Line Friday: July 19th, 2019


Picture from Bob Williams, Arx Cynuit

 They congregated up in the hills, far away from judging eyes.  This would be the last time that any of these people would see these Northern barbarians. Fight or die Cobanorum had said and they would follow this exhortation to the end. Far below  they could see the torches zigzagging up the heather-clad slope. The Norsemen had beached their boats at sunset and after making their usual offerings to their ineffective Gods had decided the auspices were right for an assault on the lonely village.

Toothless old men, young boys, women with babies at the breast, young girl, all were assembled at the call to repel this parasitic invader. Those who would take their women and children, mock their Christ, their priests, and without compassion, maim, disfigure and take the life of their brave fighting men.

Their weapons were the tools of the field but they had one advantage, they were fighting for their lives, their homes, all that was held dear. Death had no meaning, for life would never be the same if they were defeated. In their favour was the gift nature had bestowed upon them, the sheer sea cliff, the stone, turf-clad walls, built to protect them from this predicted onslaught. All they had to rely on was the knowledge and belief that their courage would be as strong as the mighty earthen banks built over time with the strength of theirs and their ancestor’s own arms.

The result of their struggle is well known and I am happy to tell you of their victory. Thus was the legend born we know as the battle of Arx Cynuit, the last attempt by the accursed Danes to subdue this island race.

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #36


When over the bow
the great wave breaks,
rearing and plunging
the whole vessel shakes
the binnacle spins,
the helmsman takes
a firm grip on the wheel while
between decks the sailor makes
the sign of the cross
as for a lull in the storm
he patiently waits


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RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #262 Ripple &Wind.



Time and space ripple

as they wind their endless way,

ad infinitum.



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p-challenge-header (1)Elizabethan

gardens, both medicinal

and quite appealing

some though find, regular lines

can prove an unsightly bore.



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RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #261



Just a Zen moment,

in the chaos of the day,

sanity restored




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Sammiscribbles WWP #113


It is hard to find the words to describe the allure of the Goddess known as Marilyn Monroe. With the power to enthral all class of men from pauper to President, this woman, both a film and recording star, who today would probably be described as oversized,  still features in the dreams of many.

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I Write Her Weekly Haiku/Senryu Challenge #26


Tumblr Image

An envious eye

becomes a spur to progress

evolution’s spark



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Introducing the brand new Children’s Poetry Archive…

Our new website dedicated to children is here!

We are very pleased to share our new Children’s Poetry Archive with you in advance of its public launch!

As you know The Poetry Archive is a charity which collects recordings of poets reading their own work aloud, keeping them safe so that future generations can hear these unique voices. As our collections of the work of children’s poets grew so too did our desire to create a new site which would work for children as well as their parents and those who teach them.

The Children’s Poetry Archive brings together our collections in the first website totally dedicated to enabling primary-aged children to listen to poetry – and one of the best things is that they can listen to the poems in our collections anytime they want to, at home or at school, with a computer, a tablet or on a mobile phone.

This site uses some very clever functions to make listening to poetry even more fun. You’ll see a picture of an eye by each poem; this is our  ‘eyes shut, ears open’ mode and it turns off all the other distractions on the screen so you feel as if the poet is reading just for you!

Explore 100s of poems in new and exciting ways

We think listening to poems just for fun is one of the best ways to encourage a life-long love of poetry and research has already proved how experiences of poetry can improve the lives of children in terms of language, communication and education.
“Poetry for young people is a gift, part of the inheritance of anyone who speaks the language. To collect all this work together in one place is like the piling up of an enormous hoard of treasure, which is the property of anyone who uses it.
The T. S. Eliot Foundation is very proud to be involved with this wonderful archive.”

Clare Reihill, Trustee T S Eliot Estate

The Poetry Archive has spent almost 20 years raising funds to make unique recordings of poets reading their poems out loud and sharing them on We know the Children’s Poetry Archive will be enjoyed and loved just as much and we are really grateful to the T S Eliot Foundation for supporting our development of this site.

We are delighted, too, that Michael Rosen is our new Patron for this site – if anyone embodies the sheer energy and exuberance of children’s poetry, we think it’s him!

Make your own playlists with MyArchive

A feature you have asked us to provide for a long time is the ability to play poems out loud without having to go to each one! Look out for our new playlist feature in My Archive. Every time you come across a poem you love you can click on the heart to ‘favourite’ it and this will put it in your very own My Archive list – then, when you visit your My Archive page, you can listen back to all your favourites and share them with your friends.

Teach the world’s best poetry to your class

We think it’s easier to teach and enjoy poetry by hearing it out loud so we’ve brought together some resources to help teachers in the classroom.

Our new teaching area brings together resources to support different aspects of teaching, including classroom materials structured around teaching individual poems and collections curated to provide new and exciting ways to explore poetry. We’ll be adding to this area and working with teachers to grow these resources over the coming months.

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RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #260 Pride&Fight


Maintaining their pride

in the fight for acceptance,

divisive movement

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