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RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #210 Woke & Up

The distant  thunder

woke her up from deep slumber

welcome rains coming

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I haiku

A veil gives safety

as you watch mosquitoes

outlined in moonbeams

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Sue Vincent’s weekly #Writephoto

shadow-wings (1)

Upon a branch a squirrel sat,
when far below he spied a cat
aha he said you can’t catch me
i know you cannot fly you see
but the foolish squirrel didn’t know
while teasing pussy far below,
an owl was hovering overhead,
heard the taunting words he said.
Thinking here’s a tasty snack
he swooped and gripped the squirrel’s back
with beating wings and talons full

that’s the last we’ll see of poor squirrel,





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Twittering Tales #89 – 19 June 2018

new-twittering-logoegg-3471439_1280You’ve been doing it again haven’t you?

Who me,  I  don’t know what you mean.

Breaking into those eggs, don’t deny it, your whiskers are all yellow and sticky, yeuk!

Well, you have to get in when  they’re still fresh or they’re all chewy. 236 characters

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Lessons in Small-Garden Design From 11 English Entryways

I cannot fail to be impressed by these imaginative uses for small spaces, poetry in planting.

ravenhawks' magazine

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When the leaf-stained sky

forms a canvas for the wind’s

deep pastel palette

I watch the artist’s brush strokes

through a blur of misty tears




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in mown grass

reflecting upon

the inconsistency of clouds

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Ronovan writes #Haiku #202 Fragile – heartbeat


barely a heartbeat

passing before a mayfly

loses fragile wings


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Thursday photo prompt: Avenue #writephoto


It was the time of Sennei again. We stand in our lines,  along the avenue known as the windwhistle corridor, males to the left, females to the right.

We all lean forward holding our magnificent freshly green head-dresses steady. Having practised our lines for many days we bow low and whisper our self-composed love sonnets in the allocated ear of our chosen intended.

Each of us males has a rival with whom we stand shoulder to shoulder facing a selected female, hoping that the young future brides would choose us. If she cannot make a decision between the two beaus chosen for her then duels will have to take place. The prize, a bride with whom to mate and procreate.

For now, while the breeze is gentle the only sound that the people walking between us would hear is the familiar, soft rustling  of the leaves. All oblivious to the seriousness of the ritual taking place above their heads.

If a duel becomes necessary then the pair have to wait until there is a gale. Each tree is lashed against his opponent till one gives way. Some of these duels become quite violent with the occasional loss of limbs, even death by uprooting but this is rare as it would not gain anything for the species only the victor.

Most of the time the females are able to choose the strongest of the pair and accept the gentle brushing of their pistils with our anthers containing the fertilising pollen.

Now the wind plays another important role as the seeds may be carried far away from the avenue to land in another inviting area of ground, take root  and at the mercy of the grazing deer or rabbits attempt to start a new plantation of trees. In time they will have their own Sennei in their own avenues.


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D haiku

Fairy lights

Shortening shadows
midges dance in bright lift shafts
Summer trees in leaf

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