Crimson’s Creative Challenge #161

I find when talking to country folk

their favourite tree is the mighty oak

so just last week whilst driving my truck

I stopped near this one to have a look

and you can imagine my surprise

I’m sure I saw a pair of eyes

so I jumped back in to tell my mate Stan

He said, don’t worry, tiz just the Green Man

he won’t hurt you if you leave him alone

but I think we’d best start heading for home.



Filed under nature inspired, Old knowledge, On the lines of romance, Rural life, Self compositions

4 responses to “Crimson’s Creative Challenge #161

  1. I enjoyed the way you focused on the two lights on the tree.
    Well done … Isadora

    A Day Begins

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  2. Excellent, Bobby. Has me laughing, but also appreciating the fact it is an oak, and this is the season of the Green Man

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