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Ronovan writes Decima prompt #56 Symphony of life

I’m sure you don’t have to be told

the pleasure gained from listening

enraptured as the songbird sings

though whether it be wet or cold

his notes will shine like liquid gold

from his high perch up in the trees

his joyful tunes ride on the breeze

we can be sure he does not need

a written score from which to read

his repertoire is sure to please.

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Ronovan writes Haiku challenge #357

A natural high

that’s guaranteed to refresh

a breath of fresh air

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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #131

I decided I would take a photo

of the old Minster’s rose window

for when the sun shines down through the glass

you can see Saint Maria’s ass

as she leads it along the main street

in order to find grass to eat

but although I am not one to complain

sadly the weather turned to rain

so we went home, my camera and me

for there was no Pepper’s Ghost to see

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Ronovan writes Haiku challenge #356

Cluster of comments

in red ink on white paper

sense of foreboding

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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt

I’d like to tell you a little tale

about a girl called Rita Hayward,

with her independent outlook

her parents thought her wayward,

but like many women in those days

she liked to think herself liberated,

certainly her breasts turned out to be as

when while on a date she co-operated

with the removal of her underclothes

giving me a quite expectant thrill,

imagine how my pulses quickened

when she said, “It’s okay I’m on the pill

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