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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #154

Bowing my head I raise my eyes

in homage to the unknown men

and women who with just a pen

possessed the vision to design

these buildings reaching to the skies

where men may worship God on high

then secretly they gave their plans

to other experts in their field

for whom the blocks of stone did yield

when summoned from throughout the land

hammer and chisel in their hands.



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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #131

I decided I would take a photo

of the old Minster’s rose window

for when the sun shines down through the glass

you can see Saint Maria’s ass

as she leads it along the main street

in order to find grass to eat

but although I am not one to complain

sadly the weather turned to rain

so we went home, my camera and me

for there was no Pepper’s Ghost to see

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