Crimson’s Creative Challenge #154

Bowing my head I raise my eyes

in homage to the unknown men

and women who with just a pen

possessed the vision to design

these buildings reaching to the skies

where men may worship God on high

then secretly they gave their plans

to other experts in their field

for whom the blocks of stone did yield

when summoned from throughout the land

hammer and chisel in their hands.



Filed under Christian, Factual, History, Self compositions

8 responses to “Crimson’s Creative Challenge #154

  1. Well done, Bobby. The people who bled and sweat to build these are the ones who should be honoured.

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  2. Now this is what a real group effort looks like! So majestic in conception and execution, and all to give glory to God. How inspiring!

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  3. Like that. Have you seen the videos made by archaeologist/historian Ruth &co about building a castle (a real castle, done in France) techniques were the same

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  4. I thought the architecture in the challenge photograph was magnificent.
    Beautifully penned words.
    Isadora 😎

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  5. We think we are so advanced, but for thousands of years people have created amazing buildings to honour their deities. Your beautiful words honour them all.

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