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35 Writing Contests in October 2017 – No entry fees…

Always good to find a list of upcoming competitions, like them or not they keep the creative juices flowing and you never know when your Kudos may need a boost

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You’ll Never Be A Good Writer If You…

Source: You’ll Never Be A Good Writer If You…

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#SoCS September 30-17


Due to the very fair weather and the promise of rain later I decided to take the dogs out for an early walk. sadly I failed to realise that the dew on the grass would be so heavy this early in the morning at this time of year and when I let them off for a bit of a free runaround their legs and fur took on the appearance of having waded through a fast-flowing stream. These two take rather a lot of grooming so I knew that their rightful owner would not be impressed if they returned and bounced all over the furniture leaving wet trails everywhere so a brisk rubdown in the yard with a fleecy towel was the only thing to do.

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a sentinel stands
where the ancient dust settled
stranger wait awhile
rest your hand upon the stone
let it’s gentle guidance flow
voices from the past
words unwritten in their time
waiting to be heard
listen to your heart while minds
left open will surely find
bold revelations
answers to the mysteries 
innermost desires
Gaia will at last reveal
secrets hidden in our souls 

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Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge #Haiku #Tanka #Haibun Spirit and Joy


May the Holy Spirit

bring you joy everlasting

by the Grace of God


Typically British, don’t you know

A cricket fan’s joy

lies in seeing the two teams

playing by the rules.

As players we should always

keep the Spirit of the game.


The Queen, God bless her

A toast to bring joy to all

of British spirit

On the occasion of the announcement of a major Royal event, such as engagement to marriage, the birth of a child or significant Royal birthday it was customary for a signal  to be transmitted to all serving members of the British Armed Forces wherever they were, be it on ships or on land in all corners of the world. The signal was generated and was usually personal from Her Majesty The Queen inviting all to join with her in celebration. The instruction would be given to, “Splice the mainbrace!” All were then entitled to draw a free drink which had to be consumed immediately and generally accompanied by the toast as described above. In a true spirit of cameraderie, great joy was felt by all at her generosity.





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Ronovan writes #168 #Haiku

No more the sweet scent

of lavender and jasmine

Summer memories

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MLMM Elfje, Saturday mix #Lucky dip


beaten shields

A God’s gift

seen in Autumn leaves



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#SoCS hot/cold

“hot,” that’s the word I would  use to describe the girl’s photo that accompanied her profile on the well-known online dating site. After a bit of to-ing and fro-ing, exchanging messages I asked her to give me a ring. She agreed and shyly, although I don’t know why as it was only a phone call, I answered the call with great trepidation. Her voice was pleasant enough but there was something in it that was not quite right. We chatted and despite being quite suited on the website it turned out we had almost nothing in common. We didn’t agree to call each other again or meet and the whole experience left me quite cold.

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#Daily prompt Leaf Leaf

Their day is done
Chameleon leaves,
 red,yellow, brown,
spiralling down
 to carpet the ground
and muffle wild sounds
once  English greenwood fair
stark now the grey and bare,
limbs reaching heavenly
bereft of their canopy
call out for the sun
stand in supplication
withering, slumbering
till Spring comes calling

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Get Ready to Rodeo! — Carrot Ranch Literary Community

Norah Colvin writes in the upcoming The Congress of Rough Writers Flash Fiction Anthology, Vol. 1: “Flash fiction is a form of short writing. In its various forms, it may be known as, for example, micro fiction, sudden fiction, or six-word stories; the length may vary from as few as six to as many as […]

via Get Ready to Rodeo! — Carrot Ranch Literary Community

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