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#Ten word photo prompt


After many years she discovered that she was colour blind



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Carrot ranch #Flash Fiction: 15th November #scraps

Josiah’s whiskers twitched excitedly. The smell of putrefaction invaded his nostrils.It had been a lean couple of weeks but there was a hint of good times to come.

He had crouched watching the working men for two days. Had they seen him they  would have shouted at him and tried to beat him with their shiny-ended sticks but they had been too intent on their task.

Flowers now covered the dark patch of loose soil but he knew it was easy to burrow down and feast upon the box of scraps they always left in these strange caves.



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100 Word Wednesday: Week 94 #100WW


It was the first day of our guided tour. Myself and the other thirty passengers exited the luxury coach as we arrived at the forbidding wire mesh gates. I assumed that like me, all were on a personal pilgrimage.

i looked around at my fellow travellers, there was no look of expectant excitement on any of the faces. On the journey the atmosphere was subdued as everyone was visiting to bring closure to stories of their family’s fate.

Photography was allowed so I sent my drone up, instantly tears formed as it picked out the child’s toy on the roof.


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RonovanWrites Weekly #Haiku #Poetry #Challenge #221 Peace&Love

When the pair made love

the neighbours could get no peace

a hard loving man

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