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The pixie Princess


forest girl

O’er hill and dale, from forests green

came fairies , elves, denizens of dreams

for as was the custom in this land

a choice was made to claim the hand

in marriage, of the beautiful Trixie,

daughter of the King of the pixies

From northern lands came Knghts and Lords,

prepared to tourney with lance and sword

against magicians, heroes, clerics,

from foreign realms both Sheikhs and mystics

with gilded swords, scimitars, gifts of gold

eager to claim a prize foretold

in legends and old long-told fables

or just to dine at the sumptuous tables.





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IWH Haiku/Senryu Challenge #18

forest girl.png

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life, ephemeral,

from the corner of my eye

the spectre sighted,

she drifts, part of the forest

and yet leave men’s minds doubting


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Ten Word Photo Prompt: Upon reflection


Checking his phone confirmed a problem with his screen orientation.

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What do you See? April/09/2019


And God looked down from on high at the gathering below. She smiled in order to put them at their ease, for arrayed in a circle below was a representative from all the nations of the Earth. Chosen at random and summoned while in an enchanted state, none had a recollection of how they had come to be here or why they had been so chosen. God enfolded them in her arms and in soft tones began to speak. Speaking in tongues so that all the gathering were able to understand the message she imparted. To emphasise her imparted warning a loud rumbling began to emanate from the very bowels of the Earth and the earth opened giving all assembled a glimpse of the infernal future for the planet. A certainty if these messengers were unable to convince their fellow countrymen throughout the world of the necessity for change. God released the people from their spell to return and begin their work. It was now dependant upon the inhabitants of the planet if they wished to avoid the second great flood. A flood of fire of their own making.


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RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #248 Serene&Scene



Remaining serene

through each scene of life’s drama

Nirvana attained



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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #21 #Tanka -Quarry


Full green surrounded,

each shaded bank, where moss-lined,

torpid waters lap,

twilight stirring, surfaces

from below, an ancient carp




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What do you see challenge: 2nd April


His laughter was as the echo

of a thousand crows

lined in serried ranks

upon the branches

of a hundred graceful pines,

each silent, standing sentinel

over the boundless plains.

I realised my folly

for had I not stroked

the curving brazen contours

and in one foul stroke, released

the fabled genie of the lamp





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“Tell me Bottom, which colour would you like to wear?”


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From my good friend the Exmoor bay

Rather eerie but this his tale for today.

British Summer Time, the evenings are lighter and the weather is colder. How apt. I love the lighter  evenings as after work it’s possible to get out into the countryside, weather permitting, and do all the things you have been sitting in the lounge vowing you would do as soon as it was light enough after the day’s work is done. Today was such, my first foray out to try and capture a church spire in the evening gold. Sadly the church itself was closed but that is just a sad reflection of the times in which we live. Still, if you are looking for a little quiet contemplation and a moment away from traffic, hustle and bustle, a churchyard serves it’s purpose well.  The church in question is in a little village called Wilby on the outskirts of Wellingborough and I was attracted to it’s spire with it’s magnificent ornate buttresses way up in the sky. Sources tell me that this church dedicated to St. Mary dates from the thirteenth century but was extensively rebuilt in 1879. The unique spire was built during the Decorated period and shows many features pleasing to the enthusiast.

Wilby church

One noticeable thing about this evening was the sighting of a bright, white grave marker close to the path leading to the porch. It is an official war-grave, probably the only one I  have ever seen in all my years. It commemorates the death of a RAF pilot who died at the age of 22. Curiously it was dated on my birthday, but in 1944. So much has been said about their sacrifice but seeing a single marker like this lends a stark reality to the horror of war.


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Spring haiku

Fragrant beauty forms

swirling, pastel shaded clouds.

Butterflies in prayer.


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