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CCC #31 ~A sea shanty

EDA7AE0A-1278-434F-8A0C-BC13381F6526.jpegOf all the boats that ply the seas,

the dinghy is the one for me

for even if your engine fails

there’s always time to set the sails

but if the wind blows you offshore,

stick in the row locks and man the oars

with a little work eventually

you can still be home in time for tea.


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CCC #30 ~This farming life


On an Exmoor farm worked a boy called Ted

He drove a tractor all shiny and red

Out in the fields he’d work all day

Ploughing the earth and gathering hay

The farmer said now come here my lad

Tis about time a wife you had

I offer to you my daughter Sue

She would be just right for you

I thankee kindly Sir was his reply

But I do bat on the other side.


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#SOCS May 25 2019

A sweet little girl called Rosie

whom everyone thought quite dozy

the day of her graduation

drew gasps of admiration

but she and the tutors had been very cosy.




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Thursday photo prompt #Wicker #writephoto

wicker dancers

In the field there danced three witches

no bones nor flesh just willow switches,

holding hands they whirled around

though their feet never left the ground,

while all who watched were filled with glee

laughing at their transparency

nothing to worry us here they said

one good fire and the witch is dead.


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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #27


A silly young girl from Lynton

took a stroll across the meadow for fun

but her shorts were miniscule,

she took off her blouse to keep cool

now she has bites where she’d rather have none




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RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #252 Tinker&Tumble


When Humpty Dumpty

waved at a passing tinker

a tumble ensued.



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A Brexit clerihew for the, “fed up with the whole thing brigade.”

When Theresa May

thought the price was too much to pay

she went to Brussels with tales of woe

but laughing, they told her where to go


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In Other Words, dancing…


There was a young lady from Lancing

who on her wedding night could not stop dancing

if she had gone up to her room

to look for the groom

she’d have found him with the bridesmaids romancing





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