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The silent scream, (inspired by language of the heart)

She could not hide it

a tell-tale tear moved slowly

to her downturned lips

unsaid I read the meaning

of one sad, simple gesture

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portents, the storm is coming #Write photo



Looking to the East

the world waits expectantly

in preparation

dark clouds extinguish the light

borne by the dancing dragon


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Ronovan writes #165 #Haiku Passion and play


decennial passion play

Celebrating Christ


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Snack for thought

Originally posted on Rachel Poli: We already talked about the when and why I started writing short stories. But what about you? Pretend you’re back at school and your new English teacher is asking you to write an essay on the first day. (What a jerk, am I right?) Here’s the question: Do you write…

via Why Should You Write Short Stories? — Chris The Story Reading Ape’s Blog

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A glimpse of the future

September morning

once more trees begin to don

a copper mantle

watching as the year unfolds

regret the passing of time



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Colleen’s weekly challenge #49, part the third

Snipers lie in wait,

drones soar high above the sands.

Another ambush



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Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge #49 #Haibun, Soar and wait

Overhead she waits

soaring on her silent wings

while below life fades

I was once the King of the mountain. My voice echoed down the glens and valleys. My brides eagerly awaited my caresses. Now I am alone, a usurper has taken my throne. My strength flows to the ground in a crimson stream. I am weak and all I wish to do is rest. Yet I  cannot, I am old and tired. Betrayed by my own four, once sure, feet. The voice of a new champion rings out, incessant, challenging, mocking. It will soon be time.

A meal is waiting

this story can only end

in a lonely death

































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Colleen’s weekly poetry challenge #49 Tanka 

Evening balloon.jpgThe balloon soars high

all the waiting is over

up to the heavens

Checking  the pressurised suit

ready for freefall descent

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Short stuff

Streaks across the sky

ahead of the crimson tide

a race against time

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Twittering tale #48

Excuse me, I’ve been here ten minutes now, any chance of dropping what you’re doing and serving me,what sort of coffee-shop is this?

137 characters


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