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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #248 #Strange little girl

I used to live in a place called New Mawden

and I went to school with a Lizzie Bawden

with her long black hair she looked delicious

but apparently she was quite capricious

when I asked her if she wanted to come out to play

she said she was helping mum chop sticks that day



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Ronovan writes Decima poetry prompt #94 #Commitment

Julian sat in her stone cell

from behind a window of glass

she could watch as they performed mass

while confined in this living hell,

tickets to see her, priests would sell,

in the mid fourteenth century

an anchoress she chose to be

while all through those long lonely years

she recorded her thoughts and fears

so that all, her passion might see.

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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #245 An Exmoor tale of superstition and a gullible wife

Charlie Bates was happy with life

often going on Saturday night

to his local pub for a pint

then go home to his wife

making his way across the moor

but one day he was very late

his wife worried about his fate

till he came in through the door

claiming he’d been pixie led

with a smile his worried wife said

next time fool, here’s what you do

turn widdershins, they can’t bother you.


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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #161

I find when talking to country folk

their favourite tree is the mighty oak

so just last week whilst driving my truck

I stopped near this one to have a look

and you can imagine my surprise

I’m sure I saw a pair of eyes

so I jumped back in to tell my mate Stan

He said, don’t worry, tiz just the Green Man

he won’t hurt you if you leave him alone

but I think we’d best start heading for home.


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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #238 #Maybe superstition

I don’t think I’ve heard anything sillier

than the names of the so-called witches familiar

such names as Bodkin, Turncoat and Scat

now who on earth would believe that

but as we read about it the case unravels

that were brought by the man who on his travels

whose self-made credentials were quite ephemeral

Mathew Hopkins, known as The Witchfinder General

but those days are gone and I suppose

we should pray for those found guilty, now in repose


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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #118 The ancient pathway

You may think this a tranquil scene

but do take care as things unseen

may lurk behind each bush or tree

looking out for the unwary

or lone traveller on the path

who might feel the fairies’ wrath

if their charges they don’t pay

that they may safely pass their way.

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