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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #238 #Maybe superstition

I don’t think I’ve heard anything sillier

than the names of the so-called witches familiar

such names as Bodkin, Turncoat and Scat

now who on earth would believe that

but as we read about it the case unravels

that were brought by the man who on his travels

whose self-made credentials were quite ephemeral

Mathew Hopkins, known as The Witchfinder General

but those days are gone and I suppose

we should pray for those found guilty, now in repose



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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #159 #Echoes of the past

As I walk along the sunken path

bordered both by fence and trees

my mind to calmer days is cast

when on most days there would be seen

men on horseback but more on foot

herding ponies, poultry, pigs or sheep

for this was once the road they took

down the valleys, over mountains steep

with dog and shout they drive them on

until at last their journey’s done.

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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #234 “At the edge of the world”

I’m reluctant to leave my seat by the fire

on the Northern boundary of our Empire

I go to the edge of the wall and look down

seeing the glint of the frost on the ground

the night is so dark, the weather most foul

far in the distance I can hear the wolves howl

or maybe another of the wild beasts

but probably the natives just having a feast

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Sight #Write photo

Bran threw the scraper to one side. It had been fourteen earth-turns since he had begun his quest. Now it was complete, without help and equipped only with determination and sense of purpose he had made a hole large enough to pass Aena’s daughter’s son through the greystone. He would be protected from all ills by the power of Freyin, controller of the winds, bringer of light, governor of the storm. Bran had heard the tales of other such holy stones, far to the West and over the dark sea. Each one had rained glory upon the head of it’s creator and power to the clan. Now he would be able to enjoy the rewards of his labours. The greystone would become a sacred site of reverence, offerings would be made and wealth would fall upon his and his son’s heads. Bran was pleased. He looked through the stone and in a state of reverie imagined his future as overseer of all the land in his sight.

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