Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #227 Memories

In the sunset glow, both world and waters calm

we strolled along the seafront arm in arm

to right and left lounged rusting hulls

overhead drifted screaming gulls

and before us in uncanny silence

from the sands arose two twisted pylons

where one night a raging conflagration

had produced this scene of devastation

not just some ramshackle dwelling

but home to a story that merits telling

where once had been music and lights

Mods and Rockers clashed in vicious fights

a fun palace that gave so many families cheer

the splendour that used to be Southgate pier.



Filed under Self compositions, Stirring the memories

6 responses to “Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #227 Memories

  1. What a wistful piece. It made me think of nearby Brighton with its rusting pier and Mods and Rockers. Such happy memories.

    My 97!

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  2. Wonderful writing, Bobby.
    I’ve left the proper link on Sammi’s post 😉

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  3. A great poem, Bobby, with effortless rhyme throughout! 🙂

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