Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt


I will tell you a tale,

it’s not very long,

about Teddy the tinker

who loved to sing songs,

while riding in his cart

as his pony towed them along.

The pony’s name was Ticker

but he had just one thing wrong

with him, though you couldn’t tell

as he trotted in time to his gong.

It wasn’t his heart though his name may suggest

but his very long appendage

which reached to his chest.






Filed under Adult themes, As you read it, Comic verse, Self compositions, Whimsical

2 responses to “Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt

  1. I post mine tomorrow. It’s about Grandpa Dodson. I think Grandpa Dobson would roar with laughter at this, and repeat it endlessly to anyone who’d listen. Myself, I feign to not understand. Then spoil my act by saying, Bloody good, Bobby.

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