Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #244 #All in a day’s work

When asked about June twenty eighteen

I will always remember the scene

What I did was not being brave

Rescuing the boys who were trapped in that cave

The, “Wild Boars,” junior football team



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10 responses to “Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #244 #All in a day’s work

  1. Crosslife Spaces

    great job! Thanks to all of you the boys were rescued and well!

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  2. Yes, the second response that commemorates this event. Maybe because there’s something about a cave, frightening and mythic. The author of Underlands (forget his name just now, great book) says
    “Into the underland we have long placed that which we fear and wish to lose, and that which we love and wish to save.”


  3. I remember that story well. Excellent take.

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  4. It was a remarkable event. Thank goodness they never gave up hope. Perfect use of the prompt, well done.

    My thirty-four!

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  5. That sounds like a genuine recall

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