Crimson’s Creative Challenge #166 Spooky

Twixt bin and bench one day was found

a full three feet below the ground

some curious objects from history

giving rise to a local mystery

when asked how old no one seemed to know

but they were placed there long ago

now if you want to go and see’em

you’ll have to visit the county museum



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3 responses to “Crimson’s Creative Challenge #166 Spooky

  1. As goes the way of all things … we will only be able to see things in museums one day. Niely expressed … Isadora 😎

    Crispina Creative Challenge – Beyond the Blue Horizon

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  2. Excellent. In fact you might find *historical* articles buried there. When American Air Force left after WWII they buried all their left over supplies rather than to ship them home. Plus local lore has it there’s an elephant buried there too

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