Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #243 The King and I

I’d like to tell you about a king

who was rather free with wedding rings

and got wed a full six times

giving rise to a nursery rhyme

his throne was destined for another

but untimely death befell his brother

his temerity to all was clear

but soon he began to rely on fear

and by his capricious nature

those once called friend now often traitor

Who am I?



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5 responses to “Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #243 The King and I

  1. He did like chopping heads off and he did adore food way too much. In some explanation (but no excuse!) he was badly injured in a sport accident and endured awful ‘medical treatments’ and was practically bed-bound.

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  2. If Prince Andrew was heir to the throne he’d probably give Henners a run for his money!

    My sixty-nine!

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  3. I’m ‘Enery the eighth, I am, ‘Enery the eighth, I am, I am..!
    Excellent, Bobby!


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