Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #253 #Friends for life

If I might take a little of your time

I will introduce you to some friends of mine

they may seem a little creepy to anyone new

but we all get funny after a year or two

sorry I forgot to tell you the price of a bed

they come free but to get in you have to be dead

and I’m afraid you can’t get a single room

it is always quite cosy in the catacomb.



Filed under Humorous, Self compositions

7 responses to “Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #253 #Friends for life

  1. Please cancel my reservation. Clever.

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  2. I’m looking for an Airbnb for the Memorial Day weekend and I saw your ad but… I think I might keep looking!

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  3. Very well written, Bobby. I like how it sounds when I read it aloud.


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  4. Excellent. Ingenious. Fantastic. Yea, I liked it. Lots

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