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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #15


A beautiful pixie from Gaul

chose this dress to go to the ball

there were no requests for a dance

or a hint of romance

for green goes with nothing at all.



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Mortuary mine

Gaze upon the beauty to be found in these 50 shades of grave.

Thru Violet's Lentz

Left perched upon a parapet, this mortuary mine.

I weep Poseidon’s saline tears, ‘neath a somber scudding sky.

As moisture inundated clouds, exhale Sedna’s plankton perfumed breath.

And agitated arctic gales, pass o’re her frozen lips.

Left anchored in abandon, aloft this landlocked marginof death.

Inflicted fallen fortress turned, skeletal black crows nest.


Posted for Girlie on the Edge’s Blog Six Sentence Story, cue word Perch.

Following Clark’s lead from a couple of weeks back and taking a poetic turn on the prompt, I made what I consider much better use of a line idea I first used in another poem I called Despised Conundrum.

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Colleen’s 2019 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 124 #SynonymsOnly – Game & Trouble #Tanka

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Around the table

the Olympians gathered,

Zeus took up the dice,

to them ‘‘t’was just  a pastime,

for Troy it could mean peril.



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RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #241 Storm&Fierce


Lo’ the storm cometh,

intoned the one with fierce eyes.

No one turned away.



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Sue Vincent’s #Thursdayphotoprompt #Writephoto


Near the top they stopped. The sun was dropping rapidly in the Western sky. As if lost in their own thoughts there was no need for words. Each knew that the other was thinking of the days to come. It was deserted now but tomorrow this sacred place would be crowded with people; men, women, children, friends, relatives, all gathered for the last farewell. Nyruda had passed, her body was laid on the bier ready for the ceremonial transition.

At sunrise a procession would wend it’s way from the village to this rock, “The seat of the winds,” with their light load borne on the shoulders of six men, while the monks, women and children followed. There would be chanting, age-old mantras sung in a low drone, while the incense-burners twirled and their fragrance drifted over the plain at the whim of the breeze. It was not a lament but a celebration of one stage of her old life completed in preparation for the new.

A breeze was starting, exposing its presence with a twitch of Gana’s sleeve. In the distance he heard the lone cry of the lammergeier. He smiled, recognising the significance of the call, as if in reassurance that the wild eagles knew they were soon to be summoned and would be ready to help in the sacred task.

Tomorrow there would be many, wheeling and turning, carried high on the updrafts as they circled in readiness for their feast. The flesh would be stripped from the body leaving the white bones exposed. They would not be left long. The more experienced avian attendants would climb high in the sky their bills stuffed and ungainly with stiff, long, bristled moustaches.  Like sharp but muffled drumbeats the sound of bones dropping on to the stones below would reassure the departing flock that the ceremony was being fulfilled. It would not be many days before the larger bones could be discreetly removed in accordance with their traditions ready for the final stage. Life would go on.


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Colleen’s 2019 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 123 #SynonymsOnly

They said what’s the point?

I said it’s an obsession 

then they turned away,

their heads shaking as they went

but I shall keep on laughing





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Crimson’s creative challenge #14


As we both looked up

we knew what each was  thinking,

the end of the line


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Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, February 13th 2019, cherry blossom


Brief dalliance with

pastel-shaded gossamer.

Till spurned by the breeze.


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RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #240 Do&Say


Before the altar,

the couple will say, “I do.”

a vow before God


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Diana’s #Februaryfiction prompt

Picture by Marianne Sopala


“Ho ho ho, my young friends, you do seem to have got yourselves in a bit of a pickle but I think I may be able to help you,” said Maisy the friendly elephant who wasn’t at all frightened of mice and didn’t believe that they could run up your trunk. Even if mice were so small and an elephant’s trunk so big.

“Oh yes, Maisy it would be really lovely if you could help us get our house back down on the ground where it belongs,” shrieked the frightened little mouse family, “But how do you think you will do it?”

“I’ll tell you after you tell me how your little house got up in the tree.”

“Well, last night it was so windy that after we had all gone to bed the wind picked us all up and blew us up here. We didn’t know till Mummy mouse looked out this morning and saw where we were. We’ve been so frightened, waiting  for someone to come and help. We’re so glad you came by. Now, how can you help us?”

“Oh, it’s easy she trumpeted in reply, “I’ll huff and I’ll puff and I’ll blow your house down.”


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