Crimson’s Creative Challenge #15


A beautiful pixie from Gaul

chose this dress to go to the ball

there were no requests for a dance

or a hint of romance

for green goes with nothing at all.



Filed under As you read it, nature inspired, Otherworldly, Self compositions, Singalong, Whimsical

8 responses to “Crimson’s Creative Challenge #15

  1. Like x 3 and a gold star.
    I particularly like the reference to green. I was once told green was the fairies’ colour, which is why we shouldn’t wear it. However, I later discovered it was a colour worn to (self?) identify Catholics when in being a Catholic you risked a roasting.
    My mother thought blue and green should never be seen unless there’s something in between. Humph.

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  2. Ramyani Bhattacharya

    This is sweet and simple. Love it. 😃

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  3. gahlearner

    That’s a fun limerick.

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