January 24: Flash Fiction Challenge #Shards


Corporal  Reg Burns jumped down from the back of the Land Rover.  Quickly scanning the horizon he ordered the rest of the platoon to join him. Nine uniformed men  with metal detectors spread out across the narrow strip of bare earth. Their target was mines. Very soon the detectors began to bleep wildly. Cautiously pits were dug, only to find numerous flattened, tarnished metal button-like objects. All mixed in with seemingly crushed, off-white clay shards. Some looked familiar, like bones, even the remains of skulls. Shocked, the men realised they had found the evidence of a possible mass grave.




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3 responses to “January 24: Flash Fiction Challenge #Shards

  1. And was the bone-field mined as well? That would’ve made it tricky for the archaeologists that were bound to follow. 🙂

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  2. Very timely post. It coincides nicely with Holocaust Remembrance Day. Thank you.


  3. Bobby, your flash reveals the layers of war-torn regions.


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