Colleen’s 2019 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 118, #SynonymsOnly


Gaily colored flags

festoon the arena,

chargers, knights and squires.

Battles to be joined anew

as the tournaments commence




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First Line Friday: January 4th, 2019

The borderlands grew wider and wilder every year. Old Seth had had plenty of years in which to note the changes. Now he felt tired. Of working, of the burning desert sun, of his aching limbs, failing eyesight and his life in general. 

Every year there were more repairs needed in the shack and since his two, now adult boys never thought to visit no-one was able to give him a hand. Neighbors never called, in fact it had only just dawned on him that he had no neighbors. The encroaching desert sands and ever increasing summer temperatures had cleared the land far more thoroughly than a team of property developers ever could.

He was beginning to regret the lack of trees. Nowhere to organise a good hanging, even if it was your own. He sat down on one of the scorched boulders and idly ran the sand through his fingers, perhaps he could will himself to death in the way the old occupiers  of the land did.

Resolved to try he closed his eyes.

Whether by accident or design the midday sun saved him the effort. Four days later the body was discovered when a real estate team happened to be passing on their way to his farm.



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MLMM’s #Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, January 9th 2019 … a new challenge- First snow


A stoat sniffs the air,

watches white curtain approach,

time to don ermine


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RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #235 Grass&Dove


Singing love’s refrain

the dove plucks her breast feathers,

blood spots on the grass



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Be vigilant, scammers are on the prowl

We are all susceptible, take care and don’t drop your guard

Jean's Writing

And with this new year comes more vermin searching for an opening, no matter how small.

I’m referring to scammers, hackers and trolls.

The more gadgets we have, the more avenues and opportunities for a criminal to find you. Don’t fall for these frauds. From our email, smartphones, yes iPhones too, computers, tablets, blogs, websites, Amazon Echo, Google Home, or even smart TVs, we are all susceptible to these damn crooks. AND, of course, we are vulnerable on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and any of the many social media sites. Scammers are trolling for any insecurity or vulnerability in your life, online and real.

Once upon a time, long long ago, Apple products were immune. Or so we thought. But that is not the case, not now. So don’t let your guard down just because you have an Apple product. Scammers are everywhere phishing for your information.

No need to…

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Thursday photo prompt #writephoto



Above stark branches

dappled dimples red and gold

presage coming storm.







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Capain Cook Sir, the natives are sending us a message.


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BeaconLit’s 500-word comp is open for January

Flash fictiooneers, a cheap, easy to enter competition with worthwhile prizes, why not give it a go.


Hello everyone. Yes, the December’s themes of ‘an alternative Christmas’ or ‘not feeling festive’ has closed and January’s competition is now open. The theme is ‘a fresh start’ to be used in any way you would like. Rules, prizes, entry form etc. via

NB. If you have stories ready for future themes, please don’t submit them until the relevant month as the entry will be disqualified with no refund given, and you won’t be able to submit it in the correct month (because we will have seen it). It’s rule number four. 🙂

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MLMM’s #Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, January 3rd 2019, Happy New Year


Raindrops and fireflies

pierce the darkness while thunder

roars in close refrain

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Strong Penelope

who kept faith to the return

of her brave husband,

and her sense of elation

on their day of reckoning




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