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Tanka thunder

A hint of darkness

in the high-rise sun-bleached cloud

Summer storm threatens.

Once still, the green leaves tremble

in shy anticipation 

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Weekly short

Fairy lights

Relecting the sun

the dappled shadows shimmer

through summer clad trees

and chart the lazy zephyr

in the sultry warming air

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Flight – #Writephoto


It was astounding, to look out over the roofs of the houses,  silhouetted in the glow from the fires and be confronted with such an aerial display

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Ronovan writes #156 Haiku


The restless ocean’s

seductive, flowing body

girdled by the shore


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#SoCS July1/17

Oooh! The collective sigh as the magnificent, gleaming, freshly painted steam locomotive pulled into platform 1  of Barnstaple Town station. Cameras clicked, people jostled, old men, eyes filled with happy tears of nostalgia, young parents with toddlers on leashes or in pushchairs. Everyone scrambling to catch a glimpse of the magnificent past brought back to life in celebration of their industrial heritage. Proud that their offspring would hopefully remember this day with the fondness so obviously felt by all the excited onlookers. Behind the engine and tender, fourteen carriages stretched far beyond the platform, windows fully open, a body leaning out of each, faces smiling and happy but no-one allowed to open the doors to leave. All too soon, with no cry of, “mind the doors,” accompanied by the shrill note of the guard’s whistle announcing the departure, it is time. The driver leans out of his doorway on the footplate, checking that the way is clear, he pulls a lever and the snorting beast exhales a white cloud. The giant driving wheels slowly turn and once more the train pulls forward, ready to spread joy along the tracks on the next stage of the journey. A brief encounter, enjoyed by all, leaving a feeling of pride, and a unilateral, unvoiced , “Aaah!”

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Submissions open for Shooter’s “New Life” issue


Submissions have reopened for Shooter Literary Magazine‘s issue #7 with the theme of “New Life”.

As always, the theme is open to interpretation. In addition to the subject of birth, writers might like to consider themes to do with renewal, invention and reinvention. “New Life” could conjure starting over later in life; giving someone a chance at a critical time; rescuing animals or people, perhaps through adoption; second chances and opportunities that radically change someone’s circumstances. Non-fiction to do with trying to get pregnant, birth or parenting (from either a personal or political perspective) is particularly welcome. Poetry should incline to the observational rather than experimental end of the spectrum.

Literary fiction, creative non-fiction and narrative journalism should fall between 2,000 and 7,500 words. Please submit only one story or up to three poems per issue. Simultaneous submissions are welcome but let us know if your work is accepted elsewhere. All work must…

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TJ’s household haiku challenge #15

Meg had just one dream

to dance around the nine stones

and now there are ten


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