#SoCS & #JusJoJan Daily Prompt, Jan. 27th, 2018


One of our earliest most memorable moments from watching wildlife programmes on the T.V. has got to be our introduction to the vast animal migrations across the African Plains. Wide expanses of bleak, dry, arid grasslands where the herds of wildebeest, antelope and zebras have exhausted the earth’s supply of fodder in one spot and have to follow the rains to another grazing area. A mass movement of animals that is now, sadly no longer to be seen due to the expansion of man’s domain and the diminshing resources left for the inigenous wildlife. In not too many years the only way we shall ever know what these migrations were like will be the remaining film footage. In case you aren’t sure to which piece of film I am referring the sight of a crocodile almost dragging a wildebeest into the water remains one of the most epic struggles of prey and predator witnessed and filmed by man. Once seen, never forgotten.

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