First Line Friday – January 19th, 2018

I found myself in the ruins again. I have been playing Sonic the Hedgehog for two years. I enjoy the silly little tune, the sight and sound of a cloud of rings bursting over my little blue friend’s head as yet another obstacle is not overcome and my tally reverts to zero. But whenever I get to the dizzy heights of stage 4, that’s it, I don my breathing head and under the water I feel my way around the ruins, bubbles surrounding me as I hunt down those elusive rings. It’s no good though, my mind feels pre-destined to lose, those evil little creatures always seem to gain the upper hand and suck those remaining lives out of me. Oh no! there I go again, arms outstretched I rise to the surface and plan my next attack on the evil doctor’s realm.


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Filed under Flash fiction, Self compositions, Whimsical

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