December 28 – Flash Fiction – Wishing Star

She stepped out of the long white limousine onto the spotless red carpet. wearing her famous smile but little else she elegantly turned and striking a pose, first to the left and then to the right allowing her long elegant legs to peep out from the thigh-slit silk dress. Flashbulbs popped as they clamoured to take her photo, to be the first to get a risque shot of a slight wardrobe malfunction. Taking the arm of her tuxedo-clad companion the young star of many films entered the hall wishing for the ultimate accolade. To be given her first Oscar.



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9 responses to “December 28 – Flash Fiction – Wishing Star

  1. A wish echoed by many stars and would be stars. I love your flash bulbs hoping for a wardrobe malfunction – they were wishing on a star also.

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  2. Well that was an interesting take I have to say…well done.

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  3. Aah, literally a wishing star. I like that perspective. Happy new year.

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  4. Michael B. Fishman

    A different take on a wishing star! (I was hoping for a wardrobe malfunction but maybe that comes in the next 99 words?! 😉 )

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  5. You certainly went a different direction. No matter how beautiful the star, she still had wishes of her own.


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