Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt: Fallen #writephoto


Weary after the strenuous afternoon hike through the hot Greek countryside David and Julie lay down to rest in an effort to escape the relentless Mediterranean sun. David heard his partner’s shallow breathing slowly turn to a gentle snore. He found that he couldn’t sleep, he had the nagging feeling that they were being watched.

Warily he sat up and scanned the valley below. Sure enough, he thought he could see movement. He realised it was an old woman slowly picking her way through the undergrowth. She appeared to be carrying a bundle or basket on her head.

He reached out his left arm and shook Julie gently awake. She remained lying as he pointed out the old woman to her. David thought he would call out and see if the old woman was ok, it was very hot in the afternoon sun. Both of them called out, peering in her direction. There was no reply but they watched her as she started to get closer.

David realised his mistake when he noticed the bundle on her head appeared to be moving. His last thought was disbelief when he saw that her hair was in fact a writhing mass of snakes.



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11 responses to “Sue Vincent’s Thursday photo prompt: Fallen #writephoto

  1. Ah… never look a Gorgon in the eyes… especially when they are coiffed with so many of them …


  2. Aah, Medusa. Nice one. I too did a story on her ince, btw:-)


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  4. OMG Medusa… Excellent story đź’śđź’ś

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  5. This is one meeting you would dread happening! Like it.

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