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Simply put but oh. so true.

Present Tense in Europe

When one feels good or when misunderstood
The heart cries more than the eyes ever could!

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Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, May 15th 2019, Mountain sunrise


Together we watch

sunrise over the mountain,

our world is brightened


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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #27


A silly young girl from Lynton

took a stroll across the meadow for fun

but her shorts were miniscule,

she took off her blouse to keep cool

now she has bites where she’d rather have none




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Thursday photo prompt: Rooted #writephoto #Tanka


Clad in matching tones

lovers fixed in cold embrace

their limbs entwined.

Shy beneath their parasol

whispering with the wind.

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RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #253 Slip&Tip


I saw the pail tip

yet still it caused me to slip,

pride before a fall


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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #105 -Denial


Sandra felt detached, as if standing looking at herself from a few feet away. Somehow surprised at her imagined facial expression, it was certainly not how she felt. Inside she was smiling. The casket stood dark and aloof, the lid balanced on end. The face inside was ashen, smooth, parchment dry. Her mother, released from life, freeing Sandra from her years of denial. She had expected more emotion, probably not sadness, a feeling more akin to relief.

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#10 word story prompt

C768EE00-9178-4BB4-9D0A-CAFB09B77EF4(Image: Jose Guadalupe Posada.)

Would you like to accompany us to Lucifer station madam.

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The pixie Princess


forest girl

O’er hill and dale, from forests green

came fairies , elves, denizens of dreams

for as was the custom in this land

a choice was made to claim the hand

in marriage, of the beautiful Trixie,

daughter of the King of the pixies

From northern lands came Knghts and Lords,

prepared to tourney with lance and sword

against magicians, heroes, clerics,

from foreign realms both Sheikhs and mystics

with gilded swords, scimitars, gifts of gold

eager to claim a prize foretold

in legends and old long-told fables

or just to dine at the sumptuous tables.





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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #26

bunker-cliff-1When the explorers finally broke through the dense, green, forest covering there was a collective sigh of relief. At last we’ve found it they exclaimed. No more digging a trench by torchlight away from the safety of the camp and squatting over it, vulnerable to any creature of the  night.


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IWH Haiku/Senryu Challenge #18

forest girl.png

Photo Credit:

life, ephemeral,

from the corner of my eye

the spectre sighted,

she drifts, part of the forest

and yet leave men’s minds doubting


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