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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #192 #Get off my land

As the farmer was walking through his field

working out in his mind the next corn yield

till he saw something that made him glower

it looked like a single, wild , alien flower

and to his surprise he found it appealed

for up to now he had always believed

full heads of corn was what he should see

but he realised this was such a treat

so he thought to hell with the balance sheet

he would no more eradicate the weeds

and do his bit for the birds and the bees



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haiku 4

The song of the lark

like sweet rainfall from heaven

melody of Spring

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Ronovan writes #haiku weekly prompt #418

Her lipstick was red

not dull but the vivid kind

sensual promise

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Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #267 #Reworking

Veiled ladies dab red eyes with lace handkerchiefs, sombre looking men stand unsmiling, their eyes cast downward, reminding us that from clay we are made and to earth we shall return.

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Simply 6 minutes

The ramshackle tourist bus stopped in a clearing and the driver, with a broad grin explained more by sign than words that we had come to the end of the road, that we were expected to get off and trek the rest of the way. It wasn’t quite what we had expected, where were the signs and notice-boards, the cold drinks tricycle with it’s stock of cold beers and cokes. The whole area seemed strangely dark in the clammy, sticky heat. Perhaps it was due to the tall green jungle canopy blocking out the tropical sun but not the heat or perhaps it was the shame still felt, lingering in the minds of of long-forgotten men that cast a sense of gloom over the place we had come to visit, the little known, seldom visited, only remaining stretch of the infamous Siam Burma death railway.


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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #191 A moorland in the morning

O’er moorland hills and plains we see

if we look up to Eastern skies

in shades of yellow, red and green

as we greet the new sunrise

gossamer nets bedecked with dew

drying in the warming rays

rough grasses, heather tussocks too

all shimmer in the morning haze.


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Ronovan writes #Haiku weekly prompt #417

Break the captive’s chains

just to see Salome dance

an oath spawns regret

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