Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #274 #A touch of class

Although I am not trying or wanting to insult your

intelligence but I feel that it’s time for some culture

so if we start off by crossing Trafalgar Square

we can go into the National Gallery where

on every floor you can see right up to the rafters

great works from some of art’s best known Great Masters

and if this exhibition is not really to your taste

then perhaps we should go with great haste

to the West End and find somewhere to stop for a

quick drink or two before visiting the opera.


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5 responses to “Sammiscribbles weekend writing prompt #274 #A touch of class

  1. Sounds okay to me, but I wonder how it went down with him/her!

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  2. Well done, with options.

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  3. I remember a man once said that to me. Fine for a culture-vulture but a disastrous mistake to marry him! 😊​

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