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Colleen’s 2019 Weekly #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 141 #PhotoPrompt

1F43F2E1-8CD6-4FF8-9BF9-9A02D77A7841Now my voyage ends

here,  abandoned to my fate

on this sandy shore,

my message as yet unread

by those who would gain the most.


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Sammiscribbles Weekend writing prompt #140 – Vintage


Many a good tune

coaxed from the body of a

fine vintage fiddle,

Vigorous use of the bow

and some sensitive plucking.





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Sunday Writing Prompt 23-8-19, “Train Ticket”


So we boarded the Northern train
in howling winds and stinging rain.
The guard, with duties now performed
gives one last cry of all aboard.
Green flag raised, his whistle blows,
checks the carriage doors all closed.

Whilst stowing cases overhead
released our snorting fiery steed
With metal and mesh racks overflowing
four bare round lamps, all gently glowing.
As we settle back on the velour seating
Our ankles warmed by piped steam heating.

So leaving the station far behind
we catch the rhythm of the lines.
Windows sealed against the chill
the rhythmic, rocking, motion will
enfold us, in it’s gentle arms
as we succumb to it’s lazy charms

After eight long hours the race is run
to our right the rising sun
our destination close ahead
reluctantly our journey’s end.
So sadly we depart the Northern train
Counting the days till we ride it again




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Friday thoughts Wanton #Limerick

A churchgoing girl called Geraldine

married a sailor when she was just seventeen,

while her husband was away on the sea

men would go back to her house for some tea

and make videos that were often obscene.

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Sue Vincent’s popular Thursday photo prompt: Journey #writephoto


Culloden was getting tired. For forty days he had been searching for the sacred mount. The burial place of his forefathers. He had no understanding that he was the last of his race although he realised he had met none of his kind for longer than he could remember and for a giant, memories are long. He had long ago learned how to conceal himself from the eyes of men. Although he and his kind had never meant or meaningfully done harm  to these strange, to his eyes, miniature replicas of himself, whenever the two races had met his people were attacked and despite friendly overtones they  had been forced to flee and hide. Hiding places were becoming scarce. Men had slowly but surely started to change the lands he had known, loved, walked and cherished since time immemorial. Fires were set across the land for reasons he could not fathom. The woodlands were shrinking, there were now vast open spaces which were left as bare earth for one half of the year and in which strange plants started to grow which were soon removed by men. The only secure hiding places were in the vast caves which time, wind and water had excavated in the deep gorges in the hills or at the edges of the sea. He was scared and slowly the thought had been building in his mind that his kind were no longer necessary. After much contemplation and with a resignation born of patient, peaceful, deliberation he had decided to return to the eternal resting  place of his forefathers.  There he would lie down and enjoy the sleep of the blessed which comes upon all living things. He would leave this realm in the hope that those who followed would maintain the eqilibrium thus far  enjoyed by Mother Earth.



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Thursday photo prompt: What lies Within #writephoto ~Of dreams and death



A place to rest, asleep yet not,

while others come to gaze

and wonder, in their reverie

proud fathers calling, deep

from within these hollow hills

they lie serene beneath this

sedentary chamber.


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Frivolous Friday #Limerick Running for fitness

A young lass from Swansea called Fay

would go jogging on the beach every day

with her natural assets unbound

they would go round and round,

shes lucky they didn’t wear away


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Heeding Haiku With Chèvrefeuille, August 7th 2019, daisies



a joy to children and bees,

retiring  beauty.



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RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #265 Plump&Luscious


Promising delight

each one so plump and luscious,

punnet of peaches,





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Crimson’s Creative Challenge #38


With penons flying proudly

see  how tall they stand,

not quite in the water

nor yet on the land

standing proud as if on parade

behind a marching band

we salute these natural, flaxen maids

brightening our land


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