Thursday photo prompt #Writephoto


A very British subject

We love to talk about the weather, though
it seldom promises fine, we know
winds from the West bring cloud and rain
if from the North, cold and cloud again
and from the East it’s colder still
guaranteed to cause a chill
sometimes though, but in truth rare,
a Southern breeze will warm the air
the clouds disperse, the skies turn blue
a brief respite from English gloom
so it is at times like these
we see man’s footprints on the  beach




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6 responses to “Thursday photo prompt #Writephoto

  1. Or, being British, must resort
    To beach-walks of another sort
    All bunded up against the chill,
    For British summer’s colder still 😉

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  2. The weather always a source of conversation, never what we want, either too wet, too dry, too…..everything….nice response…

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  3. Ha ha ha, that was as British as it could be: the weather 🙂


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