#TMAT120 #writing #prompt for September 2018


For twenty years Snoopy was my constant companion, whether out walking or sitting on the couch. When my relationship broke down we had to move out. My new accommodation did not allow pets so I took my dog to stay with a good friend but lived many hours drive away. Snoopy seemed happy. She sent photos of her lying on her new bed in front of the fire and looking happy. I wasn’t able to get back to see her for four weeks and the two of us went for a slow walk before I again left. The next morning my friend called to say Snoopy had died in the night. Perhaps she could not bear me leaving her again.



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4 responses to “#TMAT120 #writing #prompt for September 2018

  1. Oh, so sad. Sorry, but 20 years is a long life for an animal, so don’t blame yourself.


  2. I am so sorry for your loss. Twenty years is a long life for a dog. It sounds as if Snoopy was hanging on until she could see you again for one last walk before crossing the rainbow bridge. Rest in peace sweet Snoopy 🌈

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