Sunday Photo Fiction – Sept 16 2018

923B10B2-85A0-4971-8563-C9010A6C42EF“Navigator’s yeoman to the bridge at the double,” the pipe was loud and clear and I could see the panic on Able Seaman Ralph’s face as as he raced across the mess to the forward ladder.

“Looks like old Ralph is in for a hard time,” I thought.

I decided to follow as it could be something everyone could have a laugh about later so started to make my way up to the bridge.

The navigator was pointing the finger at the chart on the table at the back of the bridge and saying to Ralph, “Now are you sure you haven’t missed an alteration to the chart, do you how serious that could be? ”

”No Sir, I heard the siren but thought nothing of it.”

”Well have a bloody look up ahead, is that or is it not a starboard buoy when all the rest are port?”

”Navvie, you’d better have a look at this,” the Officer of the Watch, laughing, interjected.

”What is it now, “ irritation in the Navigator’s voice apparent.

”Well, that so-called buoy is just a couple of idiot holidaymakers with a bright green umbrella , we’ll radio the harbourmaster to go and pick them up.


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Filed under Flash fiction, Self compositions, Whimsical

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