This week’s entry for Sue Vincent’s #Thursdayphotoprompt #Writephoto


A time of despair

lay cold breath upon the land.

While Lord King Arthur

retired within his chamber,

sat alone, in cuckold’s grief.

No consolation

could he gain, from grieving wife,

or courtly knights,

till from the high battlements

joyful cries when far below

in supplication,

knelt his once favourite knight

who, though hermit now

pledged his service and his sword

to the man whom  once he wronged.

Thus was pestilence once more,

purged from proud, fair Albion.





Filed under Alternative history, Christian, On the lines of romance, Self compositions

7 responses to “This week’s entry for Sue Vincent’s #Thursdayphotoprompt #Writephoto

  1. Land and King made whole through love…
    Nicely done, Bobby.

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  2. Full circle. Nicely done.


  3. Wow, that’s almost Shakespeare! 🙂

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