Sunday Photo Fiction – March 3, 2019 #Journey



Julie frowned and looked at her watch. Then once more she checked the illuminated board above her head. There was no notification of any delayed trains. She moved back and took a seat on the empty, cold, plastic bench. She started to examine her fingernails then opened her bag and took out a glossy red lipstick. With shaking  hands she pulled out and unfolded a small mirror. She looked to see if anyone was watching and then started to apply a thin coating to her moist lips. She checked in the mirror and seeming satisfied, replaced the items in her bag. She glanced up at the departures board. Nothing had changed, her chosen train was still due. She checked her watch again. To her right she noticed a stirring in the people at the far end of the platform. The announcer called the arrival of the train. Julie stiffened as the sleek, silver nose of the  engine appeared round the bend. She looked for a clear space,  grabbed her bag and moved forward to the platform edge. She looked over to see the engine driver sitting high up in the dark cab and without a word, jumped.



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4 responses to “Sunday Photo Fiction – March 3, 2019 #Journey

  1. Shocking ending. Loved it.

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  2. But she did look her best. 🙂

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