Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge #256


Another storm forecast. The third today. Sunset was another forty-three hours away so we could expect a few more before the day was out. Hopefully we would be able to get outside and rig the anti-icing screens before dark. Although only a curious form of purple twilight, not truly dark, it wasn’t safe working outside once the sun had gone down. The natives seemed to gather strength at these times and always wanted to make a scene. Their parties were not for me sadly. I preferred to sit in my chamber watching  re-runs of old sports games on my telekran. Anyway there was actually some work to do tonight. My discovery on the Carmillion plain today deserved a couple of extra hours. The only difficulty was how to get the news back home during one of the sparse communicator periods. That was when I got what I would call my flash of inspiration. Just like one of those bolts lighting up the mustard-yellow, methane-cloud filled sky. I will lodge a full report in my next telecast.



Filed under As you read it, Flash fiction, nature inspired, Self compositions

3 responses to “Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Photo Challenge #256

  1. Ooww, I was waiting with ears pricked and eyes sharpened . . .

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