Crimson’s Creative Challenge #23

pink-cottage.jpgLook at these walls, a chocolate box cottage you may think. You may change your mind when I tell you a little of it’s history. A dwelling has stood on this site for at least four centuries and before that a dolmen from the bronze age. The stones themselves, taken to be used as gateposts on local fields. There are no records of the previous owners of the cottage but when the current owners moved in they wanted plain whitewashed  walls in keeping with the other moorland cottages. The painter who they engaged for the task, a local man, shook his head when he agreed the price but completed the task. After less than a week the gleaming white walls began to adopt a pinkish hue. It always happened. The locals believed it was the blood of the ancients buried in the ground below seeping back up through the earth.



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6 responses to “Crimson’s Creative Challenge #23

  1. Creepy. Something about this house is bringing up images of pink walls and blood. Hmmm.

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  2. I love that, Bobby: the creation of a new ‘ancient’ story. 🙂


  3. Good story. Thanks I enjoyed it!

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