Little Blackbird

How many would notice if they didn’t hear the blackbird sing in the morning, all of us, this captures it magnificently.

Poet's Corner


The little blackbird is dead
No longer will I wake to the
cheerful song she sang
each morning from
the old oak tree outside
my bedroom window

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3 responses to “Little Blackbird

  1. This lands in my Reader the day I discover a blackbird has decided to nest in a cavity somewhere near my guttering. Very weird behaviour for a blackbird. I think it’s mistaken itself for a housemartin! But the song is so sweet.


    • Unusual perhaps but needs must in times of diminishing space for wildlife

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      • I think maybe it’s commandeered a seagull’s nest.
        The gulls around here (Lesser Blackbacked, Common & Herring Gulls) seem to mistake every tiny ledge around our roofs as cliffs. Noisy in the extreme when the chicks hatch, and don’t dare to walk any place near to a chick if it’s fallen off the roof. No, I don’t live in middle of nowhere; I live in a former fishing port.


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