Crimson’s creative challenge #25

girl-on-bank-1-“Oh look at that. My luck must be in. She doesn’t know I’m here so if I just wait a while I’ll see if she’s alone. I can’t hear anyone else around. I wonder what she’s doing, shouldn’t she be in school, not sitting here all alone on the riverbank. That’s it, I’m going to sneak up behind her. If I stay really quiet she probably won’t notice until I’m right behind her. That will be a shock but so much fun when I see the reaction on her face and hear her gasp. I won’t hurt her but she doesn’t know that. Right here we go, slowly now, slowly, keep low and don’t make a noise. Oh no, she’s heard me, she’s turning round.”

“Ruffles, you naughty dog, what are you doing here? Did someone leave the gate open? Give me a hug and then I’ll take you home.”



Filed under As you read it, Flash fiction, No offence intended, Self compositions

3 responses to “Crimson’s creative challenge #25

  1. Oh, good, it was starting to get too creepy for me. Saved by the dog!


  2. You had me scared for a minute there.. Nice write!


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